Please inspect your parts once you receive them from our facility. If you should discover something wrong with your part(s), please notify us immediately. If the error rests on our shoulders we will gladly re-powder your part(s) and do whatever we can to get things on the right track with no additional charge to you. However, we cannot be responsible for any damages to your part(s) that may occur outside of our facility. 

Can you powder coat parts that have been previously treated?

Yes.  We sandblast and inspect every part we receive.  After we remove any old finish, dirt, rust, and anything else that might be on the surface of the part, it is then ready to re-coat.
We like to have 5-7 working days on standard colors. In the event that a custom color is selected, it may be as many as 10 working days.

Powder Coatings are available in a variety of stock colors, metallics, textures, veins and multi colors. We have many colors available and selections in stock. Custom color matching makes the possibilities limitless.

 Items can be as small as a screw or washer. Our oven is 9’ x 9’ x 26’, any  item that will fit can be Powder Coated!

What types of material can be powder coated?

Generally speaking, any metal that can hold an electrostatic
charge and withstand the heat of the curing process; aluminum, steel (both
galvanized and stainless), and brass are some examples. 
Consequently, if your part has rubber or plastic pieces, you should avoid having them on the part you give us to powder coat, as we cannot guarantee such materials.

 Does Powder Coating prevent rust?

Because none of the traditional solvents that would be found in “wet” paint are present in Powder Coating. This lack of solvents eliminates the release of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), fumes, gases and harmful vapors into the air.

Why is Powder Coating considered Environmentally Friendly?

Powder Coating is an environmentally friendly dry powder that is electrically charged to bond with metal. The metal must be baked in an oven to allow the powder to melt and fuse with the metal. This type of painting is far more durable and resist​s wear, chipping, cracking and peeling much better than traditional painting processes. Powder Coatings are also both chemical and UV resistant.

What is Powder Coating?

Can you powder coat parts that have been previously wet spray painted?

Yes.  It doesn't matter what kind of finish was originally on the part. Once we sandblast the previous coating to bare metal, it is an excellent candidate for powder coating.

Absolutely! Just call to get your order started!

What size does an item need to be for Powder Coating?

Powder Coating is durable and very long-lasting depending on its environment and how the items are used. It is not, however, a rust prevention.  Pre-treatment and/or primer coating is required for longer coating life.  All exterior items should be primered and coated to fight corrosion.

South Coast Powder Coating

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